American Family Association

by R. Burge

In a long post today by Chuck Norris he details the attack on Ft. Hood, showing the missed clues left by Hasan before the attack including his contact with radical clerics. He calls the President’s initial response distasteful as well as condemning the Democrat party. He writes, “If Washington worked with just one-tenth the passion in corralling the enemies of the U.S. as they do cramming the ramrod of a Obama-Pelosi health-care system down our throats and pocketbooks, we’d reduce military acts of terrorism down to zero, inside and outside our borders.”

Another post asks readers to not take their freedom for granted. The AFA also posts a video commemorating Veteran’s Day.

The AFA also is promoting a campaign that will vote out all members of Congress who voted for the current health care reform package.  This project is called “Send Congress a Pink Slip.”

The AFA is also in opposition to the AFA saying that they do not represent the majority of physicians. Recent resolutions made by the organization including asking for the repeal of  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and advocating for equal rights for homosexual couples.

The AFA also does a thorough analysis of the differences between Christianity and Islam, concluding that Islam is a religion of violence while Christianity is not. They write, “In conclusion, we can see that the Bible and the Qur’an are not the same and do not have compatible teachings.”


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