Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus posted about a commentary by  in the Washington Times ADF President Alan Sears about the Obama Administration’s lack of action against the pornography industry. 

The group also commented on the supposed “pro-life” amendment offered by “pro-life” Rep. Brad Ellsworth (Democrat) with little objections from other Democrats; Focus argued that “you know there’s something amiss when pro-abortion Democrats have zero objections to a “pro-life” amendment.” 

Focus discussed Obama’s troubled appellate court nomination of Judge Hamilton and asked readers to contact their representative and ask him or her to vote “no” on Hamilton’s nomination.  The group also reported some statistics about how American’s view pornography and argued that the fight against pornography is “still a winnable war.”

An email from Focus discussed Tuesday’s election results, arguing that “The off-year elections were ‘an unmistakable rebuke of Democrats.”


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