American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA reports recent results from Gallup which would indicate that the GOP would be take back a majority in the House if the 2010 elections were held today.

Another post relays quotes from top Democrat lawmakers who think that the possibility of health care reform is becoming more and more unlikely by the end of 2009. The AFA remarks: “Healthcare by Reid and Pelosi is starting to look more and more doubtful. Thank goodness.”

Additionally, the current version of the House bill would add 111 bureaucracies if it was passed in its current form.

They provide a followup on the story about a director of Planned Parenthood who resigned her post after viewing an ultrasound. The director, Abby Johnson, has been handed a restraining order by her employer.

Finally, the AFA relays a recent poll which finds 97% of respondents believe that texting while driving should be banned. The author, Elijah Friedeman writes,  “I don’t oppose a ban on cellphone use while driving because I think texting and driving is a good idea. I oppose a ban because it goes against conservative principles that I hold.”


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