American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA is asking their supporters if they would be willing to boycott stores that do not advertise “Christmas.” They write, “In early November, AFA will choose at least one national retailer and ask you to boycott it until it begins recognizing Christmas in its “holiday” advertising.”

The AFA also urges it readers to contact their representatives and demand that funding for abortion be excluded from any health reform legislation. The AFA is conducting a webcast on health reform.  Another post quotes Sen. Orrin Hatch, where he argues that a public option would give the government too much power.  Jerry Richardson also claims that Obamacare’s mandate might actual violate the Constitution.

In another post the AFA relays the story of a director of a chapter of Planned Parenthood resigning after seeing an ultrasound of a fetus who was about to be aborted.

The AFA also describes the arrival of the USS New York into the waters off of New York City.

Another post describes the 23rd District race in New York State. They note that the moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava has now endorsed the Democrat candidate. The AFA writes, “Scozzafava’s announcement signals a major victory for the Conservative party, which has warred with the GOP for the votes of Republicans and Conservatives.”



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