American Family Association

by R. Burge

A post by the AFA notes that the Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear is not putting up a Christmas Tree on the Capital lawn. They encourage people to contact him and demand that he have the tree erected as per tradition. Another case is highlighted in Macomb County, Michigan where a private Nativity scene is asked to be removed by a public official.

Another posts embeds a recent ad by the Republican National Committee.

The AFA also criticizes the Cash for Clunkers program, saying it is a perfect example of government waste.

They also point out that one of the ad finalist for the Democratic National Committees contest for health care spots features a desecrated American flag and implies that it is offensive.

The AFA also chastises Pres. Obama for the number of rounds of golf he has played while in office, saying it far surpasses the golfing excursions by President Bush.

Finally, the AFA wants their readership to know where their representatives stand on the recent hate crimes legislation that was just signed in to law.


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