American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA reports that “Green” authors are actually using a lot of trees to print all their books, defeating the purpose of their message.

In another opinion piece they contend that government intrusion in the private sector will almost automatically create a monopoly.

They also highlight a recent exchange between a news organization and Speaker Pelosi when she stumbled when asked about the constitutionality of an individual mandate.

They also inform readers about a case in California where a man assaulted his significant other causing her to have a miscarriage. They note that there should be no difference between this case and abortion.

They also report recent poll results that show that more Americans self identify as conservative than liberal.

Another post indicates that health care reform could lead to more fraud by criminals. This became clear after a piece on 60 minutes about Medicare fraud.

Another article highlights the number of African American abortions in the United States and notes that if it were in a different country it would be termed genocide by the mainstream press but instead is ignored.

They also note that one of Pres. Obama czars, Cass Sunstein, wants to eliminate the concept of legal marriage all together. The article concludes, “Sunstein’s bizarre and dangerous theories are more evidence of just how radical our president is.”

Finally, the AFA asks its readership to contact their representative about the latest hate crime legislation.


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