Americans United for Life: Choice by Stealth

by E. Carroll

-AUL is upset that Obama’s volunteer website encourages individuals to “put in hours at Planned Parenthood”.

-Discussion of the future of the Conscience Clause:  “Health care providers should be free to deliver care in ethical ways without fear of government reprisal. Any health care reform legislation should protect rights of conscience to the fullest extent possible, and members of Congress must hold President Obama to his word to preserve the current conscience protections.” 

 pre=””>-President Obama, according to AUL, has “embarked upon a campaign of FOCA by stealth, building the most pro-abortion presidential administration in history. That effort continues with Obama’s latest nomination to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s executive panel, pro-abortion lawyer Chai Feldblum, who formerly worked for the American Civil Liberties Union.”

-“Today, an Associated Press article highlighted the division among Democrats in the House of Representatives over abortion in health care reform.  The article accurately describes several of the reasons why pro-life members of Congress are not satisfied with the “Capps Amendment”.

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