American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA tells it readership that PepsiCo promotes homosexuality in its company as well as others by placing advertisements in gay magazines and holding corporate training sessions on how to effectively market to the homosexual community. They urge readers to boycott Pepsi and all those affiliated.

They also highlight the success of the One Million Moms Campaign to have offensive programming remove from the airwaves. Several large advertisers have pulled support from especially offensive television shows.

In another post the AFA says that environmentalists scare them, saying that their continued promotion of polar bear habitat is misguided because the number of polar bears in the wild is actually increasing.

They also describe the collegiate experience of Kimberly Legendre who had to take a class on civil engagement where she was required to work on a campaign to make Florida Gulf Cost University a smoke free campus.  The AFA argues that this amounts to indoctrination and should be removed from the course requirements.

Another post describes a back and forth email between the AFA and Sen. Roland Burris in which Burris extols the Democrats campaign for transparency while the AFA points out several times when they goal has been overlooked by Democrats.

The AFA also continues to inform its readership about the disagreement between the White House and Fox News, this time the Obama administration has been working to have Fox News removed from the pool of reporters who describe the President’s every move.

Finally, the AFA highlights some recent hi-jinks by the University of Minnesota’s mascot when it mocked the prayer of a football player from Penn State.


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