American Family Association

by R. Burge

A post highlights recent statements by White House Communications Director Anita Dunn in which she praises Communist Leader Mao Tse Tsung. This is echoed in a different post by the AFA.

Another post by David P. Smith argues that Americans are leaving the only true God for the government god.

The AFA also reemphasizes the recent spat between the Obama White House and the Fox News channel by embedding a video of comments by David Axlerod over the weekend.

Another post comments on recent statements by Obama Adivsor Robert Reich. In this remarks Robert Reich apparently lays out the harsh true of health care reform- namely that young people will pay more than their share and older Americans will not receive the best drugs and technology.

Recent poll numbers show that Hillary Clinton is now more popular than Barack Obama.

Finally, the AFA publishes supposed leaks from the Nobel Peace Prize committee in which the majority of the voting body were opposed to Pres. Obama receiving the award.


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