Sojourners on immigration, health-care, climate change

by M. Pulliam

Sojourners challenges readers to come to D.C. with Pledge2Protect for a conference that will work  towards ending genocide in and bringing peace to Sudan.

A federal program that allows state and local governments to catch illegal immigrants is expanding under the Obama administration.

Sojourners utilizes a video from the Colbert Report to demonstrate their stance on the Mojave desert cross church-state controversy; they agree with Al Mohler that the cross should, of course, be associated with Christianity.

Anne Dunlap asked Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) to support a comprehensive immigration reform package, agreeing with Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s (D-IL) principles on reform. She said reform is vital because we currently have:

  • policies that tear families apart, parent from hungry child, partner from frightened partner,
  • policies that disappear parents, partners, and children into a detention system in which violates their rights at every turn,
  • policies that depend on employers stealing wages from mothers and fathers who need that wage to feed their children,
  • policies that force desperate mothers into the Arizona desert to die with their babies still suckling at their breast.

Sojourners criticizes the Center for Immigration Studies’ report that attempts to use scripture to support anti-immigration laws.

A diverse group of faith leaders delivered a letter about Darfurto Joshua Dubois, the Obama administration’s head of the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

“The letter was signed by 1,410 Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy and urges the Obama administration to work with multilateral coalitions to ensure the Darfuri people can safely return to their homes and begin to rebuild their lives. The letter also asks that the United States continue to pave the way for peace and work toward full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in 2005 as well as give greater attention to the lesser-known conflict in Eastern Sudan.”

A look at the need for health-care reform centered on the existing “pre-existing condition” catastrophe.

Although for some people climate change doesn’t seem as real and impactful as health-care, the legislation is just as important.

Faith leaders were asked by some Senators what they thought of the climate change legislation. Jim Wallis said that there are several things the legislation should do, but most importantly it should take care of the individuals that contributed the least to the problem and suffer the most from its effects. The bill would be successful if:

  1. It could protect the environment and begin to slow and eventually even reverse the dangerous and deadly impact of climate change.
  2. It could create important and meaningful green energy jobs, many of which could be an opportunity for low-income and undereducated people, and also be good paying work.
  3. It could change our foreign policy, which has been dominated by successive wars over oil. This could begin to decrease our dependency on foreign oil.

But Jim Wallis wanted them to know that they needed to do better and give more money to God’s children that are suffering.


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