National Right to Life: Look Out! Pro-lifers have discovered Facebook

by E. Carroll

-NRL reports the pro-life discovery of Facebook.  “From my correspondence, more and more pro-lifers of all ages have Facebook pages of their own for fun and for keeping in touch with friends. ”  “But what they may not know is that Facebook may be the single most powerful new tool available to the pro-life movement. Other mediums (blogs, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) have considerable value, but Facebook has a key advantage–for lack of a better word, its personality.”

-“Canadian members of parliament debated a proposed assisted suicide bill October 2–the first time such a bill has reached the second reading phase of the legislative process, according to the London Free Press.”  “Bill C-384 would change the homicide code by exempting doctors from prosecution if they aid in the death of anyone who suffered from “severe physical or mental pain without any prospect of relief” or a terminal illness.”

-“A group of South Korean citizens filed a constitutional complaint against research that harms human embryos, objecting to programs heavily supported by the country’s government, Korea Times reported.”

-“Patients diagnosed as minimally conscious or in a vegetative state can respond to stimuli and even learn, according to a new study. The findings from researchers at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; the University of Cambridge, England; and the Institute of Cognitive Neurology, Argentina, could enable doctors to better diagnose patients and could even lead to therapies for brain-injured patients.”


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