Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus discussed Kevin Jennings (posts 1 and 2), their belief that “President Obama is pandering to activists who want to silence Christians, not only in the work realm, but in public education and political life in general,” and asked “do parents really want the chief abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, teaching their sons and daughters to have casual sex, use condoms and get abortions?” 

The group also commented on a judge in California who wants the state’s referendum process to be reformed (the Focus post began with an “excessive sarcasm alert”).  Additionally, Focus talked about a New York Times article about abortion protesters (with Focus calling the fetus a “preborn baby”).  Finally, the group discussed the “slap in the face those of us who follow Scriptural teaching” given by President Obama when speaking to “gay activists.”

An email from Focus discussed President Obama’s speech to the Human Rights Campaign and his administration’s “vow to promote homosexual agenda.”


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