American Family Association

by R. Burge

A post today highlights a breakthrough in adult stem cell research, hopefully paving the way for the elimination of embryonic stem cell use.

The AFA points out a recent Saturday Night Live Sketch that makes light of Pres. Obama’s Nobel Prize victory.

Another entry highlights recent statements by Liz Cheney on Obama’s Nobel Prize. Cheney says that Obama should send the mother of a fallen soldier to Oslo to accept the award.

An article by Jerry Richardson describes how a recent NYTimes article called Christians “demented” and he indicates a proper response to such an attack.

A piece by Bryan Fischer highlights some of the culture wars items of the last few months, including the possibility of overturning DOMA, the passage of ENDA, and the dismantling of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  He concludes by saying, “If there was ever a time for conservatives to stand athwart history and yell “Stop!”, the time is now.”

In another post by Bryan Fischer he compares what is occurring in the United States to what was happening in Nazi Germany. He specifically points to the separation of church and state and describes how that emphasis was important to Adolph Hitler before the invasion of Poland.

Another post describes Sen. Lindsay Graham’s change of heart on the issue of cap and trade legislation.  The article states, “Sen. Graham exemplifies everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.”

Fischer points out a recent article about Canadian Health Care, followed by several reasons why it is not better than the current U.S. system.

Two other posts indicate that Pres. Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize and then link to a video of his acceptance.

Finally, Elijah Friedeman points out the hypocrisy in the Democratic National Committee saying the GOP has sided with terrorists.


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