AFA: Schools and Health Care

by R. Burge

Kevin Jennings is the target of a recent article posted by the AFA. Jennings has been appointed as czar for anti-bullying efforts in public schools by Pres. Obama. The AFA paints him an extremely negative light saying, “He has expressed open hatred for conservative Christians.” Additionally the AFA points out that Jennings boyhood hero was Henry Hay, the founder of a radical homosexual advocacy group as well as a supporter of NAMBLA. The article’s final paragraph provides a summary:

The fact that this man has found a home in the Obama administration, whose officials seem prepared to stand by their man no matter how disastrously wrong he is for this position, tells us all we need to know about the boy president who has three more long years to keep swinging his wrecking ball at what remains of America’s Judeo-Christian value system.

A second post by Tasha Easterling is concerned with healthcare. It’s a video of the story of Oakleigh Ryan.


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