CBN: Abortion, free speech, abortion, gays, abortion

by Ruth Moon

Two anti-abortion amendments were defeated Wednesday by the Senate Finance Committee.

The abortion debate may prolong the health care bill process.

Pregnancy Resource Center will “step up efforts” if a health care bill funding abortions passes Congress.

The Family Research Council is calling for the resignation of school czar Kevin Jennings, who has a history of gay activism and allegedly approved underage gay sex.

A lesbian couple settled out of court with several Christian doctors who refused to artificially inseminate the women.

“In God We Trust” will be engraved on the Capitol Visitor Center.

New Hampshire will not ban the phrase “Under God” from its schools, a judge ruled Wednesday.

The GOP is calling for an apology from Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), who said Tuesday the Republican health care plan involves “dying quickly” if you are sick.


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