American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA has 4 posts today.

First, Elijah Friedeman revisits an earlier post which has a video embedded of celebrities advocating for health care reform. Today’s post shows a spoof video featuring average Americans refuting the points in the celebrity video.

Next, Jeremy Wiggins goes to the Heritage Foundation’s website and uses a social security calculator to determine how much of a return he will get on his payments into the Social Security fund. He finds that the average American will actually see a negative return on their investment in to Social Security. On the other hand he finds that with an individual savings account his investment would return almost 5%. He concludes, “And we want the government running Health Care? They haven’t even got THIS ponzi scheme off the ground and we want to give them more control?”

Third, Friedeman highlights a recent speech given from the floor of the House where Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) had a blunt assessment of the Republican’s health care plan – Die Quickly. Friedeman notes that the backlash to this language has been nonexistent compared to the outrage over Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during Pres. Obama’s speech to Congress.

Finally, in a piece titled “Is Sarah Palin winning?” Friedeman takes a balanced look at the possibility of a run for President in 2012 by Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin. He argues that she has branded herself a true conservative who fights for smaller government and lower taxes but also needs to bone up on her foreign policy knowledge, an area that was sorely lacking the 2008 campaign. Friedeman concludes, “If she can successfully rebrand herself and gain a greater knowledge of the issues at work in the world today, Palin will be a force to be reckoned with come November 2012.”


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