American Family Association

by R. Burge

3 posts today by the AFA.

First, Elijah Frideman highlights the story of Lauren and Greg Tomaschko who are having a child in the coming weeks who will more than likely not survive more than 24 hours outside the womb because of a rare genetic abnormality called Trisomy 13.  The author calls it an inspiring pro-life story.

Second, Friedeman points out the latest round of ads from the Republican National Committee that criticize Obama’s health care reform proposal as an additional tax on the American public.

Finally, Tasha Easterling reports on the latest activity of documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. Moore has been saying publicly that if Democratic law makers block the passage of health reform with a public option he will work against them in the next election cycle. He is quoted as saying, “You think we’re going to go along with you just because you’re Democrats? You should think again!”


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