BreakPoint: The “Muslim House”

by Ruth Moon

The “Islam on Capitol Hill” event was not just informative — some Muslims involved hope the government will become the “Muslim House” instead of the White House, BreakPoint reports.

Reducing the use of prison to punish crime is a bad response to rising U.S. crime rates, if it means going soft on crime. But there might be good alternatives to prisons.

The ACORN video doesn’t prove much.

New “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings has a questionable definition of “safe” regarding sex.

The right to die could turn into a duty to die for the elderly, Colson says.

The government is out of line to investigate Humana, Colson says.

Americans are angrier now than they were under President Bush.

Sperm and egg donation affects the whole family, including extended family like grandparents.

Is Roman Polanski a victim because his wife was murdered and he survived the Holocaust?


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