American Family Association

by R. Burge

4 posts today by the AFA.

First the AFA informs it readership that the result of health care reform will be to make criminals of non participants and to ration health care for senior citizens. They urged concerned citizens to contact their representatives.

Second, the AFA posts a video from the Gamaliel Foundation which features several ministers reading passages from the Bible followed by the refrain, “Hear our prayer Obama” and “Deliver us Obama.”

Another video was also posted where school children are singing a song with the chorus, “Change has come, change has come”, with the author commenting: “Few things are scarier to me.”

Finally Tasha Easterling points out that media coverage of caskets arriving home from the battlefield has essentially disappeared since Pres. Obama has taken office. The author concludes, “Perhaps the very fact that Bush is now out of office and the media no longer feels the need to undermine his efforts is the main reason these casket arrivals are no longer covered.”


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