American Family Association

by R. Burge

Two posts today by the AFA.

In the first Bryan Fischer questions the logic behind the Employee Non-Discrimination Act which is currently making its way through Congress.  The law would give special protections to homosexual and transgender employees in the workplace. The reasoning is flawed however according to Fischer because it is not readily apparent to an employer if a worker is homosexual. The author states: “After all, you can’t tell just by looking (at least most of the time). And you can’t even test for a gay gene, since they’ve never found one. You’d just have to ask. And I can flat out guarantee you that the first employer who does that is going to wind up in court.”

The second by Jerry Richardson which gives a meandering indictment of President Obama on several fronts including his appointment of the left wing czars that President Obama has chosen to run several departments. As well as pointing out the connections between Obama and William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. He goes on to say, “Obama is the modern equivalent of the old wild-west, snake-oil salesman.” Additionally Richardson makes comparisons between the political philosopher Karl Marx and Pres. Obama’s economic policies.


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