National Right to Life: PolitiFact Make “Fallacious Assumptions”

by E. Carroll

On September 22, PolitiFact “fact checked” NRL’s assertion that under the Baucus health care bill federal funding would be given to fund abortions.  PolitiFact found varying results.  NRL reports that “PolitiFact’s understanding of these matters is sophisticated on some points, but shallow and muddled on others.  Even now, it appears that they have not completely grasped that under the House bill (H.R. 3200), as amended by the Capps Amendment, the ‘public plan’ would be explicitly authorized to cover elective abortions, and that the funds used to pay for the abortions would be legally and in every ordinary use of the term ‘federal funds’– thus, the ‘public plan’ would be engaged in direct federal funding of abortion on demand”.  NRL goes on to say that, “We [NRL] hope that the PolitiFact editors will reconsider the practice of filtering our discourse through their fallacious assumptions about what they think the pro-life side is trying to achieve or what they think we are implying, rather than looking at what we actually say and at the meaning of words like ‘subsidize’ and ‘federal funds’ as they appear in standard reference sources, unrelated to the current debate over abortion policy”.


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