American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA has 4 posts today.

The first is a video blog from Dan Miller entitled “48 days to the Work You Love”

The second highlights the annual See You at the Pole event held at elementary and high schools nationwide.

The post “Celebrities Speak Out In Favor Of ObamaCare” by Tasha Easterling highlights a recent video funded by and starring several Hollywood celebrities including Will Ferrell. Easterling comments, “One figure that is quoted repeatedly throughout the video is 80% of America supports ObamaCare. I wonder where they got that number?”

Finally, in a heavily sarcastic piece by Jerry Richardson entitled “Rewriting Tired Old Documents (Obama Style)” the author accuses Obama of engaging in poor interpretation of the Bible as well as calling the President “his eminence” and “head of the church of Obama”. His overall thesis concerns Obama’s willingness to reinterpret documents in the light of his ideology.


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