Sojourners’ updates: Global turmoil

by M. Pulliam

Sojourner’s looks at the charge set forth for this week’s G-20 summit where the global economic crisis will be the topic of conversation. It seems that the G-20 is already falling short on their financial promises, however.

“Of all the money promised by the G-20 to help fight the crisis, only $50 billion, or 5 percent, will end up going to the 78 most vulnerable countries. A little perspective: It cost U.S. taxpayers $283 billion to bail out the top 20 ‘too big to fail’ Wall St. companies. What makes world leaders think the developing world isn’t also too big to fail?”

A desperate cry for prayer surfaces as ousted Honduran President Zelaya returns to the country. Uncertainty is rampant as protests and curfews and potential political violence ensue.

Amid waves of increased political violence, Colombia’s churches call for help.

Lubna Hussein is applauded for standing in opposition to injustices against her and other women in Sudan.


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