Focus on the Family: Summit, ENDA, and NY Gov Runs for Reelection

by Jessica Bryan

Focus on the Family’s guest blogger blogged from the Values Voter Summit (posts 1 and 2).  Also, Focus’s blog discussed ENDA and a recently published paper “that documents the history of this incremental tactic in support of marriage  redefinition” saying:   

Since we’re on the cusp of congressional hearings (Sept. 23) considering a federal ENDA, we should learn from the Heritage paper that adding sexual orientation to our federal laws regarding employment (as well as creating a new hate crimes law for the purpose of adding sexual orientation as a protected category in federal law) puts us on an incremental path (i.e. a slippery slope)  toward a national redefinition of marriage.

An email sent out by the group notes that Governor David Paterson (D-N.Y.) is running for reelection even though he faces criticism from his fellow party members.


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