Liberty Counsel: ACLU out to ‘criminalize Christianity’

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel issued a special e-mail update to supporters Friday, decrying the agenda of the American Civil Liberties Union and calling the group “outrageous bullies.”

The e-mail came after contempt charges against two Florida school administrators were dropped (read the background here). Matthew Staver, founder and chairman of the LC, praised the court’s decision to drop the charges. He went on to say, however, that the ACLU would not back down based on this one decision.

“This story has shocked the entire Nation,” Staver wrote. “The future of American law and our precious freedom of religious expression still hang in the balance in this small Florida Panhandle community. The ACLU won’t rest until they’ve criminalized Christianity.”

Staver added, “The super-rich, ultraliberal ACLU bullies fully intend to add precedent upon precedent in highly targeted cases like Santa Rosa County until it is a CRIME to express one’s faith in a public setting ANYWHERE in the United States.”


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