CBN: Christian health care alternative

by Ruth Moon

National Christian company Medi-Share offers an alternative to public-option health care, and Christians gather in Washington, D.C. to support Obama’s health care plan.

Two Florida school officials have been criminally charged for praying at a school event. If convicted they could be fined $5,000, lose retirement benefits and serve prison time.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said religious expressions should be part of public life. “”We honor (God) as a nation,” he said. “We invoke him in our country.”

A new law in Indonesia makes homosexuality illegal and may call for adulterers to be stoned and people caught having premarital sex to be flogged.

A N.C. woman mourns the death of her fiancé, who died in a car crash hours before the wedding ceremony.

Congress recognized September as Gospel Music Heritage Month.


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